FLEREHEI – 859 moh.

FLEREHEI – 859 moh.

FLEREHEI – 859 moh.

The 4th of January, 1946, a four engine British bomber crashed on Flerhei, Lunde. The plane was manned by eight and was outfitted to hunt submarines. The plane, with the call sign 'KK331' was on a training mission over the North Sea but the weather was bad, probably leading to problems with navigation. The entire crew was killed in the crash and debris can be found littered across Flerhei.

The hike starts by a small farm on Øyne. Follow the beaten path through the forest towards the top. You should anticipate that it takes around an hour to reach the top. When there, the road goes downwards again, towards Midtstølvatnet, where you take to the right and follow the red marking up Glovreknuten. First eastbound, over a flat stretch, then upwards in the southern direction.

After about 15 minutes you will cross a creek and see the path turn eastwards over a bog. By the end of this bog, walk the path up a small hill. When on the top the path will once more turn towards the south up the mountain. On another flat stretch you will have to cross another bog before you arrive by a pond on your left hand side. Continue in the same direction upwards until you have the top of Glovreknuten on your right side. On the top you will be looking straight at Flerehei.

Continue down until you pass by another pond on your right hand side and, shortly after, you will cross a creek between another two ponds. Follow the creek's left side up a small hill, from where you will walk along the ponds left side, before making the last climb up to Flerehei. First through a small valley past some large rocks, then criss-cross up a small elevation, before the last elevation over a bog before you arrive at the wreckage. The memorial is placed a short distance up the hill, relative to the wreckage.

Cultural heritage sites:
Kjetildstjødn (heller)

Turn off Rv 468, by the Lunde Church, direction Øyne. Parking can be found right by the church. Continue on foot.

Grading: Challenging
Length: 8,4 km (both ways)
Elevation: 669 m