Start by Blåfjellenden Turisthytte

From Blåfjellenden Turisthytte follow the path towards the south-west, direction Hunnedalen. Already after five minutes you will begin the 200 meters elevation to 820 meter over sea level (calculate around 45 minutes). When arriving on the top the paths will cross to the left of a bog. Look for wooden boards put down to form a path over the bog. You will pass between two small lakes on stones that have been laid out to make it easier to traverse. The landscape will be flat and very uniform and there isn't much else than the ponds to use as a point of reference. Continue towards the south-east, past another crossing of paths and another small pond on your left side. By the end of the pond follow the right side of the river that end in a long lake 150 meters ahead of you. Follow the north-western side of this lake, turning south-east along the side of the lake. About midway the path will turn towards another round lake on your right side. By the end of both lakes you should cross a fence, before climbing a small hill where you can see the cabins in Hunnedalen. From here, continue along the broad path after the old road down towards Hunnedalen (Høgaleitet).

For a detailed description of the route, with maps, height profiles and points of interest, buy the book Vandring i Sirdalsheiane inkl. Kjerag og Sirdals Seven Summits.

Cultural heritage spots:
Remains of a stone bridge

Grading: Medium
Length: 8 km
Elevation: 425 m