Kano and SUP

Kano and SUP

Kano and SUP

Experience more of what Sirdal has to offer during summer, on the water. Take advantage of the possibility for renting canoes, kayaks, boats or SUP.

Haugen Camping og Hytteutleie rent out canoes, kayaks, childrens kayaks, small row boats, as well as paddle boats.

In Sirdal Resort you can rent canoes throughout summer. Canoes and SUP-boards can be rented from the climbing park Høyt og Lavt Sirdal, during their opening hours. A canoe suits a small family of 3-4 persons perfectly, and it is excellent for a picnic or just fun excursions on the water or for a swim by the beach.

Skuleskard Fjellsenter has canoes for rent, used for paddeling to the delta of Flatstølånå and to Ortevatnet.

Sirdal Huskyfarm rent out canoes. These can be picked up on location or an agreement about transport can be made.
Haugen Camping og Hytteutleie
Address: Haugen 33, 4443 Tjørhom
Phone: 915 82 111
Email: info@haugenas.no
More info: haugenas.no/sommer-i-sirdal/

Sirdal Resort
Address: Tjørhomfjellet 53, 4443 Tjørhom 
Phone: 51208180 
Email: post@sirdalskisenter.no 
More info: sirdal-skisenter.no/summer/kanoutleie/

Suleskard Fjellsenter
Address: Sirdalsveien 8699, 4443 Tjørhom
Phone: 95228572
Email: fjellsenter@suleskard.no
More info: suleskard.no/

Sirdal Huskyfarm
Address: Runtleneset 22, 4440 Tonstad
Phone: 486 32 680
E-mail: hallo@sirdalhuskyfarm.no
More info: https://sirdalhuskyfarm.no/no/aktiviteter/kanoutleie/