There are many good spots for swimming in Sirdal. Many are located along the road, so it is easy to stop and have a nice, cooling swim during a warm day.

Nesetfossen is one of the most famous spots in Sirdal. Throughout the years, the water has carved out several deep potholes in the mountain, surrounded by majestic waterfalls. Here you can swim, dive and explore, for hours.

Another favorite is Øksendalsvatnet in Øksendal. This is a lush and beautiful part of Sirdal, with a beach, bathrooms and a volleyball course.

There are also many other beaches in Sirdal, where most of them are along the river Sira. Du will find beaches in both Tonstad (Sirdal cultural center and in Sirdalsvatnet), Lindeland camping, Tjørholm, by Ålsheia and Fidjeland.

If you are of the adventurous sort, you can find countless good spots in the mountain. Take a break along Suleskarvegen (Fv 987/337), Hunndalen (Fv 45), Gyadalen/towards Helleland (Fv 42) or the road to Kvinesdal/Evje (Fv 42).

Water parks
Throw yourself into the cool and fresh mountain water after a long day of activities. In Sirdal Sommerpark you will find the first and largest water park in all of Sirdal. Here you can find obstacle courses and climbing walls that offer challenges and fun for the entire family and is free use. All activity here is at your own risk.

Just by Sinnes Fjellstue and the roundabout to Sinnes, there is a water park by Sinnesvatnet. It contain two elements; a climbing wall and a padded mat. Parking can be done on the opposite side of the road, towards Ålsheia.

There is also a beautiful facility by the cultural center and the football pitch on Tonstad. Here you can enjoy lazy days on the beach, or experience wet fun in the water park.

Please take local rules into consideration at every one of our facilites.

Indoors pool
If the weather is bad, we have very good indoors swimming facilities at Sirdal Høyfjellshotell on Fidjeland. 
Tonstadbadet has several pools suitable for anyone. A small pool for the smallest children, a pool for the older kids and a wellness pool and a jacuzzi, as well as a training pool with a diving board and a diving tower.